The Reuben Eggroll

The Reuben Eggroll

This blog will chronicle the wonderful and crazy adventures on our food truck. From building our dream kitchen, to the stories of the food and people we meet once we are on the road, serving up some MOE!

MOE Deli is an eggroll delicatessen on wheels. MOE is the first ever Jewnese food truck, serving delicious eggrolls, sandwiches and amazing sides. Here’s the scoop. For centuries, the Jews and the Chinese have loved each other’s food. At the end of the 20th century, daring food explorers began to marry these two cuisines and create a provocative and modern fair called Jewnese. This is what makes them great: crispy wrappers, toasted ends and overflowing filling. Our eggrolls are rolled tightly, around copious amounts of exotic fillings leaving the ends open to become toasty. Our mission: Introduce the world to the miracle of Montreal eggrolls. Feed those who seek adventure in gastronomy. Pay tribute to classic technique while reinventing historic dishes. Lastly, create the most sought after eggrolls on the planet. MOE Deli travels the roadways of Los Angeles looking to excite and delight the food maniac inside you with our haute street creations. Come and find us on a street corner near you.



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